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Social Orphanhood in Russia: Historical Background, Present and

Roza A Valeeva and Aidar M Kalimullin

Oct 29, 2021

In the last twenty years Russia is witnessing the growth in the number of children without parental care (the result of the
economic crisis, social, economic and political instability in the country, transition of the state social system, loss or reduction of
human and spiritual values in families, family crisis. An analysis of the national situation has revealed the number of factors
leading to social orphanhood meaning children having biological parents not engaged in raising and taking care of them. The paper reveals historical roots of orphanhood in Russia (World War I, Civil war, Second World War). Modern Russia experiences the third wave of child
abandonment. The article describes the main characteristics of child abandonment in Russia, analyses causes of social ophanhood phenomenon (rejection of a new born child in the maternity ward, a force removal of children from their families because of parental rights deprivation on the reason of parents’ alcoholism, drug addiction, asocial way of life, disability; violence against women and children). Among the main causes the family crisis is determined

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