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Building teams, community, and skills.

Our programming provides meals, activities, and get-togethers for students looking for community and adventure year-round. Through our programming, we connect students with local and travelling professionals who lead workshops and interesting discussions across the topics of finance, business, psychology, relationships, and others.

Through this program, we create and nurture projects and opportunities for women and girls to find community, network, and grow

Let's get JAZZ'd

What is JAZZ? JAZZ is a social, entertainment, and academic club that welcomes all for an evening of conversation, learning, food, and fun. Organized in partnership with a local youth volunteering organization, we've tied in to an existing network and help amply their goals by providing mentorship and financial support. 

“JAZZ has a relaxed and fun environment with useful content. JAZZ helped me realize that making mistakes is not bad, because in striving for a goal, people always makes mistakes: mistakes help you grow.”

Irina, 22 years old

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