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Stronger Together

We strongly believe in the power of sharing, especially in the nonprofit community, where the need outweighs the capable hands of volunteers. Through our experiences in business, legal, and the international NGO space, we have learned, created, and documented many best practices that are employed by the largest international enterprises. Our goal is to make these tools available to all the brave people who are committing their lives to the betterment of society. 

Excel Template | Financial Ledger

We’ve developed this Excel template to run our entire financial tracking system, and are sharing it with you now.

One of a nonprofit’s largest expenses is the systems and tools it needs to operate. Even at nonprofit rates, QuickBooks, Google, Microsoft, and other platforms will consume large parts of a nonprofit’s monthly budget. Completely customizable, it is a free and widely accessible way for your nonprofit to track all finances and create financial statements.

This Excel tool uses dual entry accounting to create a tabular record of all financial transactions. Because we operate in two currencies, there is the option to track additional currencies. We've also created the opportunity to track project and program spending, various adjustments, and prepaid expenses. A basic understanding of finance and accounting is required to use this tool successfully. If you are interested in speaking with us about customization or "how to," contact us at

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