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The story of a little girl who went to a new home and didn't like it.
At first.
100% of your purchase goes to helping women and girls receive an education.

Ages 3-8


32 Pages






If you or your organization would like to bulk order, please reach out to us at and we would be glad to work with you to find the best pricing to get our book into the hands of children.

  1. We partnered with nonprofits in Israel to send 300 Ukrainian books for refugees from the 2022 crisis

  2. We partnered with a Californian nonprofit to send 25 Russian books to immigrants in the community

Our founders, Katerina and Ivan, have experienced the life of an immigrant first-hand. Coming to a new country with a new language, new people, and new things is never easy - no matter how old you are. "Welcome? Welcome!" tells the story of a little girl who did just that and discovered that, with time, we can make the new place a happy home. 

Thank you to all our volunteers who helped translate this book into English, Russian, Ukrainian, and Spanish! 

"Welcome? Welcome" is available for print on demand through Barnes and Nobles. As the publisher of the book, we have the ability to access special pricing. 

  • If you purchase via Barnes and Nobles, we receive a $1.00 royalty

  • Please let us know if you'd like to give a donation and receive the book as a gift.

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