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Strategic Plan

By 2025, Girls Education Nation will have a Community Center in Minusinsk, Russia. This very tangible goal will allow us to establish a place for community, learning, and business.

We are committed to empowering girls and women to achieve financial independence. Through meeting their basic needs, providing therapy and community outlets, and offering academic opportunities and business grants, we are able to reach our mission goals. 


A Community Center will be a tangible place where our programs and activities can be hosted. In addition, this space will allow us to offer subsidized by-the-hour and by-the-day office space for women in our program who's businesses need a place of operations.  

The Location: Minusinsk, Russia

One of the larger towns in Southern Siberia, Minusinsk is situation on the border of Krasnoyarskiy Kray and Khakassia, just minutes away from Abakan - the capital of the Khakhassia region. Large enough to attract investments, yet small enough that it experiences brain drain, Minusinsk is the perfect location for a Community Center whose impact will be widespread at affordable and sustainable costs. 


The Objectives

The objectives of the community center are threefold:

1.Provide a space for the GEN offices and staff, increasing awareness and trust.

2. Establish a space where community and educational events can be hosted. 

3. Offer space for entrepreneurs to rent desks and office (by the hour or the day) to carry out business activities. 

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Measuring Success

In order to achieve our Strategic Plan for 2025, our Directors have developed Business Plans which allows us to make gradual progress while mitigating risks. In addition to growing as an organization, we will:

1. Commit at most 20% of our Programs budget to Basic Needs

2. Establish at least 20 local partnerships with women-owned businesses and organizations 

3. Develop an academic pipeline with at least 5 local schools and universities to identify and support high potential, high need students

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