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Grants, Microloans & Consulting


Changing lives through awards and investments.

Often, it's the lack of an initial fund that prevents many entrepreneurs from achieving their start-up dreams. Be it Photoshop or a camera for a photographer, license and legal fees for an event hosting company, or inventory fees to begin an event decoration firm, we are able to provide administrative, fiscal, and moral support to the women of our network. 

Making entrepreneurship possible


In rural Russia, it is common for bank loans to set an interest rate between 20-30%, making borrowing extremely difficult. In Southern Siberia, borrowing money is unthinkable—we are working to change the narrative with no- and low-interest loans to female entrepreneurs.

In addition to financial investment, GEN provides support and ongoing education to entrepreneurs, including:

  • One-on-one coaching with US- and local-based MBAs and other business professionals

  • Financial, marketing, and operational literacy seminars and webinars

  • Case and pitch competitions for local entrepreneurs with real, cash prizes


GEN was able to provide Nadezhda's organization with a grant to purchase a new copy machine. "I spent a lot of time scanning and copying documents for courts and government agencies, the device was old, the sheets were processed one at a time, and a lot of time was spent on this. Now documents are processed many times faster, the quality and speed of work has increased!".

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm
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