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Welcome to the new academic year!

Hello everyone,

We wanted to wish a happy beginning of the new academic year to all of the amazing students around the world, using this time to learn, better themselves, and discover something new. Here at GEN, we are not exempt from the deadlines, to-do lists, and hustle and bustle.

Thanks to the amazing support we continue to receive, we are able to continue our Academic programs, despite ongoing difficulties caused by the current political and economic climates.

10 new students have started the Tutoring program, studying an expanded array of topics, including Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. These subjects, though particularly difficult in the Unified State Exam, are required for pre-med. Many students have expressed interest in medicine after the events of the past several years, setting their sights on the universities for doctors and nurses. All ten students come from low-income, single income homes. In most situations, the students are also caretakers for younger siblings, disabled parents, or elderly guardians. We are excited to continue our partnership with our valuable Teachers who provide the supplemental tutoring. At just $40 per student per month we are able to continue this invaluable program.

4 students from last year's Tutoring program, and one continuing student, will be receiving a monthly scholarship from our Academic program. Inflation has contributed to rising costs of living, and the 4,000 ruble (~$40) scholarship is sent directly to the students on a monthly basis. For many, this additional support is a motivator to focus on academics, and makes it possible for supporting families to feel some relief as all five families are supported by a single working adult (in most cases, the mother). These students were referred from the Tutoring program due to their extraordinary commitment to learning, as well as their extreme dedication to supporting and caring for their families and community. This program also serves as a motivator to the participants of the Tutoring program, who understand that, through their own effort, they can gain support from a network of caring individuals abroad.

The JAZZ community project has continued to grow, and we have expanded the budget to include a small volunteer stipend for the leadership team. As our community education oriented program, JAZZ is a weekly event hosted for students, by students, during which attendees have the opportunity to learn from special speakers, participate in fun activities, and be challenged in their thinking. The eight week program has kicked off with a bang, welcoming more than 40 participants to the opening night. We are excited to see this program continue to grow and gain grassroots traction as more volunteers raise their hands to participate in the leadership and guidance of this program. JAZZ has always been a way for us to support those who cannot leave to study, but want to expand their horizons.

We couldn't do any of this without you all. Thank you for the continued trust and support.


Katerina Arzhayev

Director of Operations

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