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This "Helping Hand" sticker features art by Elizaveta Kakunina , an artist and veterinarian living in Minusinsk, Siberia. She drew this piece because she wanted to show the helping hand that GEN has become to so many people. It is the supporting hand you can lean on.


"In my art I wanted to portray mystery - we don't know who is helping who, the child helping the woman or the woman helping the child. In this same way GEN helps people from places they don't know and cannot see."


This sticker is cut out and approximately 4" x 2" in size, printed on a white, glossy, vinyl background.


If you would like, we have 3" x 4" square stickers available - please include a comment if you prefer that.

Helping Hand

  • Stickers will be mailed to you by regular mail. 

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