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2021 Year in Review

Girls Education Nation’s financial activities are significantly driven by the needs expressed by the communities we serve in South Siberia. As we establish operational processes and build our network and support systems, our policies and spending habits remain flexible to account for a dynamic understanding of the overall need.

Founded in December of 2020 through incorporation in the State of Virginia, Girls Education Nation began operations as an official charity organization in June of 2021. This financial summary is a reflection of six months of earnest work on both fronts - development in the United States, and Programs in Russia. When setting our goals and targets, we took into account the timing of the launch of the nonprofit, and set goals for half a year, rather than a full twelve month period. However, since several administrative and operational costs were incurred in December of 2020, we grouped these costs with the 2021 Financial Summary.

As we get started and begin building the roots and foundation needed to make long-lasting change, we the Founders and current Managing Directors have made it a priority to ensure the financial requirements of operations are met. We are proud to say that we exceeded our financial goal of $15,000, and have documented more than $16,500 in total donations.

This year, 70% of total donations were made by our Directors, as both Cash and Expenses Paid1 donations. We are grateful to the additional seventeen individuals who believe in our mission and in our ability to actualize it - the average donation size exceeded $180.

With these funds, we were able to establish and implement five Programs that met the needs of the Minusinsk Region -

  • Basic Needs: we provided medicine, food, and utilities to women in need

  • Services: we worked with local female professionals to offer legal and therapy services to women and girls

  • Community: hosted community events, helping build networks and mentorship bonds

  • Academics: provided school supplies, grants, and scholarships to new and continuing students

  • Entrepreneurship: we offered grants and consulting services to new and aspiring entrepreneurs

With the help of our full-time Program Coordinator, we approved 26 projects through which we were able to reach more than 160 people.

As we continue to grow, we will maintain our promise to be financially transparent with our donors and our community by building on the lessons learned and best practices documented throughout the course of this year. We look forward to the upcoming year and are grateful for your support on this journey.

In the attached document, please see our comprehensive 2021 Year in Review and celebrate our joint accomplishments!

Ivan Utiakov and Katerina Arzhayev

2021 Year in Review
Download PDF • 26.52MB

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