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A Laptop for a Medical Student

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

As part of the Academic Program, Girls Education Nation was able to provide financial support to Anna, a student at the Minusinsk Medical College, to buy a laptop she can use for her studies. COVID sent students all over the world into the virtual academic environment, and without a laptop, it is impossible to attend classes and submit assignments. We asked Anna to share some of the challenges she has experienced, and the possibilities she has discovered to overcome them.

"Like many other families, my family always has to look for different ways to make money. With food prices skyrocketing to record highs, my dad started managing a small farm on our property. For a while, this farm provided us with money and food items.

Everything changed when he had a stroke.

Since he was the breadwinner, it affected us too. We had to sell our farm. Hospital and other bills forced our family into survival mode.

With my high school graduation rapidly approaching, I had to choose between moving on to pursue an education in a big city, or stay and go to a local, but still very competitive school. I didn’t know what to do.

I definitely knew that I wanted to study medicine. It has been my passion since middle schoolI have always wanted to help people. Now it was turning out that I was providing medical care to loved ones. It was I who was next to my dad at this important moment. I am proud of myself that I was able to react quickly, even the most unpredictable situation, and help the person in need.

Applying for medical schools wasn’t easy. There has always been a shortage of nurses and doctors, but with a COVID-19 pandemic, it only became worse. Without high test scores, I was worried about my chances of getting in. Along with the nationally required tests, we had to do a psychological test. It was not as difficult as I expected. After a few weeks of submitting my application, I received a letter that I was accepted. I did it! My dream became reality.

I always liked to study and learn something new. I looked forward to being a medical student. The only problem was not having a laptop, which is extremely important for every student.

My family did not have any money to help me with buying a laptop. It was a blessing when I found out that there is an organization that helps girls like me to achieve their dreams.

I submitted my application and a couple of weeks later I bought my very first laptop. Now, I’m ready for whatever comes my way at school! I use it consistently every day to write essays, reports and presentations. Most importantly, I don’t have to leave my room! Everythingfrom homework to presentations, from online meetings to just taking a break and watching a movie, from final exams to saving peopleis here on my desk.

Thank you!"

Thank you, our dear donors, for making stories like this one possible.

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