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From Our Freshmen: the Expectations of College

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

After two months of college life, we reached out to the freshmen ladies of our Stipend Program to hear how their expectations of college have met up with reality. For many, college is the time to discover who they will be as adults. Many students travelled for the first time in August, leaving the city where they were born and grew up, to pursue academics in a larger, metropolitan area.

Big dreams, big promises await them!

"I like everything very much!" says Polina, "I have good teachers and a good cohort. We still have only one subject that directly concerns my profession. If what they are telling us is true, then yes, I will be happy with my choice of profession and university. But it's still too early to tell!"

Another student, Rita, shares the same sentiment, "I was very worried about chemistry and the teachers, but I was lucky. In our Institute of Chemical Technologies there are really amazing professors who are easy to approach. For the first unit of chemistry, we had to do 13 labs. It was so much that all of the students had to stay after class each day to finish, since there wasn't enough time."

All that work paid off, and "I passed the first exam!"

"My second subject is Engineering Graphics—drawing, which came as a surprise to me in early September. I've had more difficulty in this subject, since the basic stuff they taught us in school isn't enough to fully grasp the concepts. I'm also taking many non-core subjects like psychology, economics, and law. Some of them are interesting, some not so much, but you do not have to choose."

“I did not expect that at the Institute of Chemical Technology I would have more problems in basic subjects than in the main ones!"

Overall, the experiences of college are full of excitement and anticipation. Our third student, Tania, summarizes it well:

"Like many graduates of the school, I have long decided on the choice of university. I attended the Virtual Open Houses and chatted with students at different universities. I had to decide between KrasGAU and KSU, weighing all the pros and cons. I submitted documents to KrasGAU and realized that I made the right choice!

“I can say with confidence that my expectations were fully realized . We have a wonderful group. From day one we became one big family. We learn a lot, there is a feeling of constant immersion in the process.

All the teachers communicate effectively with the students, not only teaching their disciplines, but also being mentors and giving life lessons.

“Now, in the first year there are basic subjects, and I have not yet felt the seriousness and rigor of the work of a veterinarian. I hope I wasn’t mistaken with my choice of profession, as well as with my choice of university!"

These students are just a few of the women participating in the Education Fund, receiving a stipend, support, and mentorship through Girls Education Nation. If you wish to support us in this mission, reach out and get involved today!

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