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Meet Anna - a GEN ESL Student

In 2019, Anna started taking English language courses as part of the GEN ESL program. GEN completely subsidized four 90-minute lessons a month with a professional English teacher in the United States.

Her goal was to take the TOEFL and apply for the Fulbright Program. In her own words, she describes how learning English changed her life.

"My life started to change when English came into my life! For me, English is like a springboard, with him you can rise higher and see more than without him!

I started to study English hard two years ago when I realized that I really don't know English! Of course, I studied English at school and university, but my English still was very poor. Once, returning to Russia after a trip from the USA, I realized that "English will change my life if I learn it! It can open more opportunities for me. I can travel, study, work or even live abroad!" So, I started looking for an English teacher. Moreover, I had a dream to study abroad! It was one of the main reasons for learning English.

My friends, Ivan and Katerina, recommended me an American English teacher. Two years ago, I began to study with him. My teacher, Bob, started with me from the basic topics, if he saw a weakness, he gave me rules and exercises. He really has a lot of different materials for the lessons, he also includes fresh news from magazines or blogs. We started to prepare my application documents for the grant Fulbright and did TOEFL’s tests.

I didn’t win it, but I changed my strategy and now I’m studying at “Middle East Technical University”, at the best Turkish University. Before my classes with Bob, I could hardly speak English, but now, after two years with him, I can study in English, communicate with professor and classmates, and read educational articles.

So, without English my life would be the same. But I made a decision to do something more than I done before. And I did it!

Now, when I travel - I feel confident! When I study - I can receive much more knowledge! And when I looking for a job - I know that my CV I have a strong point! English changed my life!!!"

By supporting Girls Education Nation, our members support students like Anna. It is possible to completely change the trajectory of someone's life with something as foundational as the knowledge of a new language.

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