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Project Spotlight: Sofia the Doctor

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Like a lot of students, the state university exam (the EG) was a mountain in front of Sofia. It's the only metric used by universities when deciding what students to admit, so Sofia's dream of becoming a doctor depending on how well she would do on it.

“I studied very hard to get a full scholarship at a university, but I struggled through the exams and didn’t get the score I wanted. With the support of my family, it didn’t stop me from becoming a student in one of the best medical schools in Russia. They gave me a sufficient discount and I moved to Tomsk. Do I love it? Of course I do!

However, the support from her family and the little stipend she received were not enough to cover all her expenses, and Sofia found herself looking at different options.

In GEN we understand that study often involves uncertainty.

Students are not certain if they'll pass or fail exams, if they study enough to get a good grade, or if they chose the right profession. Even though some students are tremendously dedicated, sometimes they find themselves disappointed in becoming doctors, lawyers, or economists. Fortunately, for Sofia everything is certain.

"I've been working very hard to become who I always wanted to bea doctor."

Regardless of her tough schedule, Sofia finds time to be actively engaged in the social life of the universityshe joined a band and plays violin. “The social life of the university is more to my liking than the study itself. Sometimes, our concerts or the social events overlap with studies and I have to combine all this. But, only studying is hard and exhausting. You need to do your favorite thing. Mine is music," says Sofia.

However, academics are always the priority. She studies hard for her exams.

"You have to get used to it. At first, you force yourself, but then you find joy and relaxation because everything you worked towardyou passed, and every fun thing that was waiting for youis still there. It’s a process and I love it!”

During the pandemic, like most people, Sofia struggled with feelings of isolation. “What I didn’t love is remote learning. Mostly because we couldn't read 'real' books and talk to 'real' people. A lot of my classmates understood that it was necessary to keep everyone safe during a pandemic, but they still felt abandoned and disengaged. For us, as medical students, systematized education is the key to success. Medicine is science and it’s big. I meant really big! Being together, seeing each other, that helps us learn things step by step every day!”

GEN is glad that Sofia and her classmates are back in classrooms and laboratories. We see a future generation of exceptional scientists and doctors, and are glad to be able to support one such talented individual.

We also ask Sofia if she knows what her future looks like. It's no surprise, but she doesn't know! However, she's certain that she’ll continue her studies and earn a graduate degree.

"I only realized what I want here, in medical school. As the saying goes 'you never know until you try'. So, don’t be afraid of trying!”

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