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Programming and community engagement are at the core of our mission. We invest heavily in supporting the development of connected relationships and tying in students to our network. Discover more about our efforts below and get in touch to stay up to date regarding the difference that we make.

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Cultivating Skills in the Classroom


Meeting Real Needs


Growing Personally and Professionally



Providing therapy for Russia's social orphans.

Russia has more than 1 million social orphans - children who have been abandoned, despite having one or more living parents. The trauma associated with this is often pushed to the side, as for a long time, therapy was an incredibly taboo topic. We partner with local female art therapists to sponsor children in one-on-one and group lessons, leading to real change and significant personal growth

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Supporting low-income, high merit students.

Russia's system of higher education limits the number of tuition-free spots that students can apply for. Financial need is not considered at all when students are admitted to academic institutions, and if a student's merit is not high enough, they are forced to choose other programs or universities that will offer them a free or cheaper education. Often, this means children from more rural parts of Russia are pushed into lower paying professions - becoming teachers, childcare workers, or pursuing blue collar careers. 


Rallying the community to provide basic needs.

Thanks to our US-based volunteers, we are able to send hundreds of pounds of clothing, shoes, and food items to Siberia in the form of packages. Purchased at wholesale prices and thrifted, these gently worn clothes are carefully picked for community members in need. Children are not strangers to hand-me-downs, and our packages provide things which would otherwise significantly affect the family budget. In addition, during winter months, our organization provides subsidies for coal and other utilities.

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Changing lives through education and investments.

Often, it's the lack of an initial fund that prevents many entrepreneurs from achieving their start-up dreams. Be it photoshop or a camera for a photographer, license and legal fees for an event hosting company, or inventory fees to begin an event decoration firm, we are able to provide administrative, fiscal, and moral support to the women of our network. 


Building teams, community, and hard skills.

When students are on summer break, they often find themselves in empty houses and apartments with empty fridges and working parents. Our community programming provides meals, activities, and get-togethers for kids and students looking to adventure during the summer and year round. In addition, we subsidize summer camps and other travel for students who would otherwise not have an opportunity to go.

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